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Our Story

   27 Years of integrity  

In 1999, something special happened that rocked the brain supplement world - Brain Lightning was created.  Unlike anything before, Brain Lightning combined nootropics, nutraceuticals, and herbs in a highly synergistic and bioavailable formula.  Moreover, Brain Lightning featured a bold design, that despite being ridiculed as “too wild and crazy”, set the bar for the industry.  Not wanting to settle for an average approach to health and wellness, we reached for the stars.


Though a micro family business in a sea of corporate giants, we naively thought:  guided by light, science, and love ... nothing is impossible.

For those who have enjoyed our products, and known us through the years, we understand there’s one burning question - what happened??

Well, we got battle worn and tested.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to ask yourself:  what’s it going to take to believe in your dreams again?

As with all lives, unexpected battles can wear you down.  In those low moments, we have come to realize how blessed we are with the unique community of brain explorers and that we need your support so that we can evolve, together, and transform pain into glory.

" an investment in knowledge pays the best interest"
Benjamin Franklin
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