The Future of Biotechnologies :  Novus Research 

 by Jean-Pierre Weingarten

 We are condemned to live in exciting times.”

In our fast-pace society today, we are dizzyingly inundated with a plethora of stimuli, overtaxing and quickly aging our minds and bodies, thereby greatly reducing our ability to access our spiritual lives. (After all, isn’t there more to life than just grinding away each day, coming home to vegetate in front of the idiot box, only to repeat the process the next day?) Our immune systems are constantly bombarded and become compromised by air, land and water pollution, in addition to the other cowering culprits, such as the disharmonious sea of noise and electromagnetic fields, having a cumulative effect on ourselves, as well as our Earth. Our brains are also deeply affected by all this pollution and stress.   We work hard, we play hard and we surround ourselves with too much to do and too little time in which to do it. This may lead to all kinds of addictions: drug, alcohol, work, sex, gambling, and so on. People may also fall prey to depression and anxiety creating foggy minds and confusing intentions.

Thus, it is no wonder that many people seek to quell their stress and their rapid aging process. They want to think more clearly and to rebuild their immune systems so that they can function optimally as human beings. The old ways in the current paradigm are not working. 

Novus Research, has, since 1994, exploded onto the scene with some innovative, cutting edge products. They have ingeniously compiled and poured over vast amounts of research and studies in the areas of mind and brain functions. Prestigious universities such as the John Hopkins University and Princeton have internet links to Novus Research's websites. The Japan Health website has Novus Research as the 2nd top site linked to them. The World Health Network (WHN), comprising of over 7,000 physicians and scientists from 50 countries, has featured Novus Research on their website showing several studies about degenerative brain function. Did you know that among some of the findings that neuronal death and dormancy can begin at age 30 and that between the ages of 25-95 the brain loses 25% of its weight? It has been shown that memory loss is generally due to the decline in the number of brain cells, the decline of neurotransmitters, neuronal dormancy, and lack of nutrients that manifest with aging, poor diet and an increasingly toxic environment. A whopping 55% of all dementia cases is largely caused by Alzheimer’s Disease. This is just a short list of some of the problems occurring with brain degenerative ailments. Coupled with the other caustic influences mentioned above, and it is easy to see that people are concerned about rapid aging! Novus Research knows this, and that is why they have pooled their efforts into creating the next focus in anti-aging modalities: products that slow down or arrest the brain drain.

One of the most amazing aspects of Novus Research is that it is run by the energetic and cohesive husband-and-wife team of Jesse and Kathy Grenier, who single-handedly breathe life into the work they do. Incidentally, the word “novus” is the masculine Latin for “new” (“nova” is the feminine), and new territory is exactly what Novus Research is exploring. They have a keen understanding of the products they offer; they place integrity into searching for the best quality of ingredients possible to the public, as well as genuinely helping to raise the consciousness of willing explorers. All they ask is that people have an open mind, and are willing to go the extra mile to corroborate their findings. As Jesse says, “Feed your brain, like you feed your body, then expand your brain!” The Greniers have demonstrated this with two of the leading edge biotechnologies available: a nutritional neurological supplement called Brain Lightning, and a cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) device called the NeuroTrek Multiplex. These tools are accessible, easy to understand and personal.

The Anti-Aging Solution

So what is in Brain Lightning that makes it a powerfully potent formula? First of all, although this supplement came out in October 1999, the formulation took ten years of pondering and gathering of information and experimenting with different components in order to achieve the best possible results. Secondly, the important key ingredients are two pure-grade, well-researched alkaloids: Huperzine A and Vinpocetine, which are derived, respectively, from Chinese club moss and periwinkle. In addition to the alkaloids, the other ingredients consist of a combination of supporting vitamins and minerals, and a proprietary blend of active ingredients. Medical science has shown that the benefits of Huperzine A and Vinpocetine are numerous. These powerful ingredients increase the acetycholine levels and blood circulation in the brain, without the nervous energy usually associated with “smart drugs.” Brain Lightning has no stimulants such as ma huang, ginseng or gota kola added to their formula. Thus, the effect is one of an amazing, immediate calm, yet gentle focused energy. The superior ingredients in Brain Lightning help it to consistently aid the brain with its daily functions in addition to protecting and even regenerating brain cells. Additional benefits include: enhancing clarity and concentration; improving vision and hearing; promoting better short-term and long-term memory; enhancing I.Q.; protecting against age-related cognitive decline; facilitating cerebral metabolism and detoxification; increasing mental energy and sharpness; preventing organophosphate and nerve gas toxicity; and alleviating glaucoma symptoms.

Brain Lightning is an ideal brain longevity supplement addressing mind/body anti-aging from different bio-chemical pathways. At the recent Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas in December 2000, a French Canadian doctor took a couple of capsules in the morning and reported later to the Greniers that in a matter of ten minutes, his vision cleared up noticeably.

Other responses from people include dramatic life-changing experiences to better daily performance. More feedback can be found on the website Through word-of-mouth, the Japanese market as well as many doctors and clinics have inundated Novus Research for Brain Lightning.     

 Time is on my side, yes it is!”

We are approaching a ‘critical mass’ time where we need to create an alternative paradigm, one that is more in harmony with our minds, bodies and spirits, or one that continues to spiral down into an undesirable scenario. Jesse and Kathy feel very strongly about the importance of relationships, with their own selves, with each other and with others around them. They are the catalyst for us to expand our understanding of who and what we are, and the awesome potential we have locked inside each and every one of us. If we can feel good about ourselves, then there is a good chance that we will feel good about others. “We create tools that are profound and that perform exceptionally well for a reasonable price,” says Kathy. “Yeah, we offer the Nieman Marcus of supplements at Target prices,” Jesse chimes in. In Chinese, the word for ‘opportunity’ is the same word for ‘crisis.’ Do we take the crisis situation and turn it into an opportunity, or do we continue on the treadmill as if that is the only way to exist in life? The choice is ours to make.